A Bride’s Story

We wanted a venue where we could completely be ourselves and have quality time with our family and friends. We didn’t want to have time limits on when we had to shut off music or leave the reception hall. We wanted to enjoy every moment and soak up the weekend festivities. I also knew I wanted to offer affordable accommodation on site for people to stay.

The camp venue seemed perfect in my eyes. Guests could come for the weekend, they could stay in the cabins, outdoor ceremony, fun activities that help break the ice for our families! All seemed good. Then I had to convince some family members about how great this camp wedding would really be.

Did we face challenges when planning a camp wedding? oh yes!

The hardest person to convince was my step mom. She couldn’t stop thinking about the bugs! She doubted how we would make the wedding elegant in a camp setting. She threatened to carry around gold spray paint and cover every bug that got in our way!

Other challenges we faced included, where would the bridal party get ready on the big day and how would the older people in our lives handle the camp setting? I stayed across the street at Allegheny Lodge and the groomsmen stayed in The Schoolhouse. Both were wonderful places for everyone to get ready for the day and allowed for beautiful photos. As for elderly guests and handicapped, every part of our wedding was accessible by car so was not a problem for my grandmother to attend!

Honestly, everything turned out perfect. We sent invitations out which set the tone for our weekend wedding at camp. The invitations included a weekend schedule of events with BBQ cookout friday, brunch saturday morning followed by the outdoor ceremony, tented reception, and a farewell breakfast Sunday morning!

All my fears were diminished with the help of the camp staff and the reactions of my family once they received the invitation and arrived on camp.

The reaction from our friends and family was overwhelming! Everyone raved about our wedding. They left with unforgettable memories, from the small details to the laid back feeling, everyone enjoyed their weekend in West Virginia! People left camp feeling like they not only had a weekend vacation in the mountains but they really were a part of our special day.